CONSULT Pilot Study

During January and February 2020 we ran a pilot study of the CONSULT system with 6 healthy volunteers. Read the findings from this study here.

January 2020: CONSULT Clinical Advisory Board meeting

The latest meeting of the project’s Clinical Advisory Board took place on the morning of 14 January 2020 in Addison House (Guy’s Campus), with Prof. Tony Rudd in the Chair. The team updated the Board on progress towards user studies and gave a demo of the working system. The Board encouraged the team to proceed with intended next steps, with guidance on specific points including continued strong engagement with user groups and moves to include various organisations with potential interests in system deployment.

December 2018: CONSULT Demo wins best Demo award at HAI 2018.

The Demo paper “The CONSULT System: Demonstration” was awarded Best Demo at the 6th International Conference on Human Agent Interaction. The conference was held at Southampton University in December 2018. Read more about the conference here.

This was also featured in this King’s College London NMS news item.

December 2018: Argumentation Tutorial at HAI2018

Nadin Kokciyan, Isabel Sassoon, Elizabeth Sklar and Simon Parsons together with colleagues Josh Murphy from KCL and Nir Oren  from Aberdeen University organised and presented a tutorial on Argumentation for Human Agent Interaction. This was held as part of the 6th International Conference on Human Agent Interaction.

See the tutorial website for more details.

December 2018: DEXAHAI Workshop

Isabel Sassoon, Nadin Kokciyan and Simon Parsons alongside Timothy Norman from Southampton University organised the first International Conference on Dialogue, Explanation and Argumentation DEXAHAI at the 6th International Conference on Human Agent Interaction.

The papers accepted and presented at this workshop are available on the workshop website.

November 2018: Second CONSULT Focus Group

At the end of November the CONSULT team held a patient focus group to get feedback on our ideas so far. The outcomes of the first Focus Group from 2017 were published at the AIMA symposium, follow this link to read the paper.

October 2018: CONSULT invited paper was presented at the MedRACER Workshop in Arizona, USA.

Martin Chapman presented the paper titled “Towards an Argumentation System for supporting patients in Self-Managing their Chronic Conditions”  at the MedRacer workshop. This paper  was originally presented at the AAAI Joint workshop on Health Intelligence (W3PHIAI 2018) in February 2018. See here to access the paper.

July 2018: CONSULT as Emojis

As part of a KCL wide initiative for #WorldEmojiDay the CONSULT project was represented as Emojis.